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Aviva Organic Spray Tanning

made in America, Aviva

Aviva products are doctor-formulated; oil, alcohol, and fragrance-free; vegan; not tested on animals; hypoallergenic; long-lasting; and made with the highest quality ingredients.

City Tans Express

Shower in as little as 30 minutes for a light touch of color or up to 3 hours for a deep tan.

Full Body--$40

Half Body--$20

Add an Aviva Exfoliation Treatment for $25

New to tanning? Schedule a free patch test to ensure that your color will turn out the way you imagine.

Pre-Tanning Instructions:

On the day of your tan, shower as normal, being careful to rinse away all shampoo and soap. Do not apply deodorant, moisturizer, or makeup; these products will block the spray tan from properly setting. Clean skin free of any products containing oil is key.

Exfoliation is the most important step of your pre-tan preparation. Proper exfoliation with an exfoliant designed for spray tanning may increase the duration of your tan by up to three days.

Aviva sunless tanning solution is oil-free, which means it should not stain; however, we cannot guarantee this for every fabric. While your tan is setting, dark, loose clothing is recommended. Bring a towel to protect light-colored car seats.

Wash with only water during the first shower following your tanning treatment. 

essential spirit spa
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