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Massage Therapy

60 minutes--$75

90 minutes--$105

120 minutes--$135

Massage Modalities

Relaxation Massage: A lighter pressure massage to get away from it all. Perfect for releasing stress and easing sore muscles.

Deep Tissue/Medical Massage: Firmer pressure is employed to reach underlying muscles and release knots and tension. Pressure can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Hot or Cold Stone Massage:  Stones are used to help ease sore, tight muscles.  Hot Stones ease sore muscles by increasing blood flow to surface muscles.  Cold Stones decrease inflammation and increase blood flow to deeper muscles.  You can choose either or both types of stones.

Bamboo Massage:  Bamboo sticks are used to deliver deeper pressure without being invasive to muscles.

Chronic Headache Treatment: Specific techniques are used to target muscle groups that contribute to chronic headaches.

Ashiatsu Massage: Instead of using the hands, this type of massage is performed with the feet.  Very deep pressure can be applied without being invasive to muscles.

Thai Massage:  Thai massage focuses more on stretching the body instead of using traditional massage strokes.  Perfect for reliving tension in joints and muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger Points form in muscle tissue and create pain patterns in the body.  Releasing these points relieve pain and pressure in the muscles. 

Chronic headache treatment
deep tissue, chronic headache treatment
ashiatsu massage, deep tissue